What can i say first? (As if i’m THAT interesting)

I just thought it’d be fair enough to post some kind of presentation since i’m new around here. So.. Hi. ._.)/

Many will say i’m a weirdo and others might be scared, so id you are brave enough come and dare. :D

Number  10980832842 , Pardon, 1:

> This is a random blog. I have no idea of what i’ll post here, so… yeah.

Number 2:

> I’m NOT a boy. I’m a girl, ‘kay?? .-. Just wanted to let that clear.

Number 3:

> I enjoy anime, games, manga and i take it seriously. So please don’t criticize. If you don’t like, there’s an “unfollow” button in case you don’t know.

Number 4:

> I like candies! Hurrayy!! (Totally irrelavant, as you may see.)

Number 5, and last:

>Asdasdsjsfgsigetgietgjijvgerigjsfsjkfweofjwrfwj…No. I like to read, i like it a lot, and so, i trully like to make my imagination work by Roleplaying and writing my own stories. If you are a writer too and enjoy Rp (please be literate… And NOT one-liner) you are free to join me anytime! :DD

That’s all folks.